Strengthen your strengths

And embrace your weaknesses!

 According to Howard Gardner, an American developmental psychologist,

every human being possesses several different ‘intelligences’, different ways

of processing information. They can be seen in their strengths, their way of

learning and working and in their personalities. Some of those intelligences are ‘easier’ to recognize than others and not all of them are appreciated in our structured and efficiency-oriented world. Additionally, we all tend to focus on someone’s weaknesses instead of their strengths. This can be also seen in school, where disabilities, weaknesses and problems may mask a student’s talents and interests. At the beginning of the workshop we will be clarifying the term ‘strength’. After the following introduction to Gardner’s ‘multiple intelligences, you will find out your own and your child’s strong areas and will be able to see similarities and differences. At the end, you will be introduced to methods and strategies for supporting your strengths and weaken


Fee: ~2 hours, 15 Euro/Person (minimum 10 People)


Riddles, Puzzles & Rhymes

Have fun finding out your own strengths

We all have our strengths and weaknesses and as grown-ups, we are usually quite aware of them, due to personal or professional experiences. Children don’t have these experiences yet, but as parents or teachers, we can help them in detecting their personal talents.


Based on the ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligences’ (Howard Gardner), participants playfully run through different activities and learn, how they can guide and motivate children to find out their strong points. They  get to know practical methods and activities, which are fun and can be easily introduced at home or at school.


Fee: 15 Euro/Person (minimum 10, maximum 15 people)




*Pädagogische Psychologie, University of Connecticut, USA