Raising a gifted or twice-exceptional child (or more of them) can be an exhausting, challenging and often lonely journey. Concerned about academic and social-emotional issues, parents might have to advocate for their child, are sometimes rejected by other parents or teachers and might feel overwhelmed by parenting their child.



How can I support my child at home and in school? • Why can’t he

make friends? • How to talk to the teacher? •Testing yes or no? • Learning

disability, but gifted – how can this be? • Where to look for resources?


If you are a parent of a gifted or twice-exceptional child and are struggling with these and other questions, professional support and advice might help you finding the right way to raise and educate your child, to further strengthen his/her talents and to deal with coexisting issues. In our private conversation, we

will first evaluate your child’s strengths (and weaknesses). Based on our findings, I will illustrate and highlight strategies and ways how to further strengthen your child’s abilities and to better cope with difficulties.

In case your child has already been tested by a psychologist, I will kindly ask you to bring the results or send them via email prior our first meeting.



- private conversation (60 min)

- Debriefing, assessment and evaluation and providing resources and tools, if necessary



- 40 Euro



*Pädagogische Psychologie, University of Connecticut, USA